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October News Roundup: Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Italy

With less than 9 months to go, here's a roundup of fresh news surrounding Hospitality Houses at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Belgium: Lotto Belgium House

In late October, the Belgian Interfederal Olympic Committee officially put tickets on sale for Lotto Belgium House.

Lotto Belgium House will be open for the duration of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, from July 26 to August 11, 2024. Organizers are planning for two programs each day:

The "Day" program runs from 11am to 5:30pm daily and tickets start at €15. The "Night" program runs from 6pm to 2am daily and tickets start at €25. For both programs, there are multiple ticket pricing levels, including a Hospitality experience with a VIP meal and open bar.

Germany: Deutsches Haus

In early October, the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) began selling tickets for Deutsches Haus at Paris 2024.

Open from July 26 to August 11, 2024, there will be two key "zones" at Deutsches Haus:

The "fan zone" will cost €20 to enter. This area of Deutsches Haus will be open from 2pm to 10pm daily and include activations such as stage presentations, a beer garden and food trucks, activity stations and live music.

The "hospitality zone" will cost €620 to enter. This area is open from 4pm to 2am daily. Entrants will have access to the "fan zone", as well as medal celebrations for all German medal winners, and all catering and drinks are included.

Great Britain: Team GB House

For the first time in Olympic history, the British Olympic Association announced that Team GB House will be open to the public at Paris 2024.

Team GB House will be open every day of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, from Friday July 26 to Sunday August 11.

Team GB House organizers are presenting three ticket levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold level "unlocks" the full Hospitality House experience, at £435 per ticket. Silver offers a few less perks at £270 per ticket, and Bronze is the least-expensive ticket at £150.

Italy: Casa Italia

As they gear up for Paris 2024, the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI) shared a new promo video for Casa Italia.

Casa Italia will be located at Pré Catelan, a beautiful Napoleon III-style pavilion in Bois de Boulogne, the second-largest park in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement.

Courtesy of Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano.

We understand that Casa Italia will play host to Italian athletes and guests of the CONI delegation. It has not yet been confirmed if Casa Italia will be open to the public.

What Hospitality House news are you most excited about?

  • Lotto Belgium House

  • Deutsches Haus

  • Team GB House

  • Casa Italia

As always, stay tuned for more announcements about Hospitality Houses at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The countdown is on!


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