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TeamNL House: Ticket Pre-Registration is Live

Back in July 2023, the Dutch Olympic Committee announced their plans for TeamNL House (formerly known as Holland Heineken House) at Paris 2024.

Now, TeamNL House has published more information, and pre-registration for tickets, to what is widely expected as the hottest Hospitality House ticket at Paris 2024. Here's the latest...

TeamNL House: Locations & Hours

The exact locations of TeamNL House, inside Parc de la Villette, have been made public. The venues will be different for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Location & Hours for the Olympic Games

Zenith Paris at La Villette

211 Av. Jean Jaurès


19th arrondissement


Zenith Paris is described as a multi-purpose music venue and arena.. It can welcome over 6,700 people in a sit-stand format, making it one of the largest cultural venues in Paris.

Location & Hours for the Paralympic Games

Cabaret Sauvage Paris at La Villette

59 Bd Mcdonald


19th arrondissement


Overlooking the Canal de l'Ourcq, Cabaret Sauvage is a circular-shaped live concert hall, with capacity for up to 1,200. It hosts musical acts, shows and themed nights.

Entrance to Zenith Paris. Courtesy of Sortir a Paris.
Entrance to Zenith Paris. Courtesy of Sortir à Paris.

TeamNL House: Experience

The Dutch Olympic Committee has an entertaining program planned for TeamNL House:

"During the day you can see the TeamNL athletes in action on various large screens and enjoy their performance together with other orange fans. During the day there is a wide and varied range of food and drinks, you can take a look at the studios of our media partners or visit the merchandise shop for your TeamNL fan items. Various artists and DJs will perform in the evening, the line-up of which will be announced in the course of 2024. And of course our TeamNL athletes are honored for their special sports achievements and we celebrate this together!"

TeamNL House: Ticket Prices

During the Olympic Games, the cost to enter TeamNL House will be €27.50, plus an additional service fee of €2.50 per ticket. At the Zenith Paris venue, there will be two ticket options: a seated ticket in the grandstand, or, a standing ticket in the hall. With either choice, a ticket provides access to all of the outdoor areas of TeamNL House.

During the Paralympic Games, a ticket will cost €10, plus an additional service fee of €2.50. There will be only one ticket type will be available at Cabaret Sauvage Paris.

Cabaret Sauvage Venue. Courtesy of Natrufied-Architecture.
Cabaret Sauvage Venue. Courtesy of Natrufied-Architecture.

TeamNL House: Pre-Registration for Tickets

Given the expected demand for tickets to TeamNL House during the Olympic Games, the Dutch Olympic Committee has created a two-step ticket purchase process. Pre-registration opens on January 3 and closes on January 17, 2024.

It appears that those who register will have the best chance to purchase tickets. From the TeamNL House FAQ:

"Ticket sales for the TeamNL House during the Olympic Games start in the week of January 22, 2024 and if you are one of the contenders, you will receive a link by email to the ticket shop that is valid for 48 hours, so you can be the first to get your tickets."

After January 25, ticket sales will be accessible to the general public, provided they are still available. Tickets for TeamNL House during the Paralympic Games will go on sale in March.

Let us know in the comments if you're planning to pre-register and visit TeamNL House at Paris 2024!


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