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Maison Suisse: 5 Things We Know So Far

On June 20, The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Presence Switzerland announced their plans for a Swiss hospitality house at Paris 2024, called Maison Suisse. At past Olympic Games, this venue has been called the House of Switzerland.

What We Know: Location

Maison Suisse will be located in the central 7th arrondissement, at the historic Hôtel de Besenval. This architectural masterpiece houses the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Paris and has been the residence of the Swiss Ambassador to France since 1938.

Renderings of Maison Suisse. Video courtesy of The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Maison Suisse will be a temporary structure, housed in the gardens of Hôtel de Besenval.

What We Know: It's Public

The organizers of Maison Suisse have confirmed that the house will be open to the public. On the official website, organizers note:

The publicly-accessible hospitality house in this unique location will serve as a special meeting point, where common values and interests will be cultivated and visitors can discover and experience Switzerland in all its diversity – through a creative gastronomy concept, tourism presentations, activities for young and old, and exhibitions, as well as a rich cultural programme featuring concerts with both Swiss and local musicians and DJs.

It has yet to be confirmed if there will be a fee to enter Maison Suisse.

What We Know: It's a Olympic and Paralympic Venue

Presence Switzerland has confirmed that Maison Suisse will be open at Hôtel de Besenval for both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Entrance of Maison Suisse. Photo courtesy of The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

During the Olympic Games: opening two days before the Opening Ceremony on July 24 and closing on August 11, 2024. It will re-open for the Paralympics on August 27 and shut on September 8, 2024.

What We Know: Nearby Sport Events

The closest Paris 2024 sport events to Maison Suisse will be:

  • Archery, Athletics and Road Cycling at Invalides

  • BMX Freestyle, Skateboarding, Breaking, 3x3 Basketball at Place de la Concorde

  • Fencing and Taekwondo at Grand Palais

  • Beach Volleyball at the Eiffel Tower

All of these venues are within a 25 minute walk of Maison Suisse.

What We Know: Nearby Hospitality Houses

Lotto Belgium House and Team USA House are the closest hospitality houses to Maison Suisse. They're located within 25 minutes via transit.

Are you planning to visit Maison Suisse?

  • Yes! I wouldn't miss it.

  • I haven't decided yet.

More details to come on Maison Suisse, otherwise known as House of Switzerland!


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