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India House: 5 Things We Know So Far

At the end of June, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in partnership with the Reliance Foundation, formally announced the creation of the first-ever India House at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. बहुत ही रोमांचक!

What We Know: Location

India House will be located in Parc de la Villette, otherwise known as the Park of Nations, in the "North East" cluster of Paris 2024 Hospitality Houses.

India House Map. Courtesy of India House.
India House Map. Courtesy of India House.

It appears that India House won't be taking over an existing venue in Parc de la Villette, but rather building a pop-up experience. Fans will be able to locate it in proximity to a few other well-known Hospitality Houses:

India House Logo. Courtesy of Reliance Foundation.
India House Logo. Courtesy of Reliance Foundation.

What We Know: It's Public

As noted in the press release, India House will open its doors to athletes, dignitaries and sports enthusiasts from around the world. More:

"It is with immense joy that [we are] thrilled to announce the first-ever India House at the Paris Olympic Games – a space where we will honour our athletes, celebrate our wins, share our stories, and welcome the world to India.”

As of now, we do not believe fans will be require tickets to enter India House.

What We Know: It's a Showcase of India

2024 will mark 100 years since India first participated in the Olympic Games, and India House is intended to celebrate its rich culture and sporting history. On offer:

"India House promises to provide a glimpse of India's talent, potential, and ambition to the world, by offering a variety of experiences for fans to immerse themselves in it - from culture to arts and sports to culinary treats and experiences like yoga, handicrafts, music, and performances from Indian dance groups."

India House Activities. Courtesy of India House.

What We Know: India House is on Instagram and Snapchat

Want to follow along on all of the happenings at India House? You can check out the latest on their official website, on Instagram at @indianolympichouse and on Snapchat at @indolympichouse.

What We Know: Nearby Sport Events

The closest Paris 2024 sport events to India House will be:

  • Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics at La Chapelle Arena

  • Artistic Swimming, Diving and Water Polo at at Centre Aquatique Olympique

  • Athletics and Rugby at Stade de France

All of these venues are within 40 minutes of India House on public transit.

Are you planning to visit India House?

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We'll continue to update the House Party Blog as more information about India's Hospitality House becomes available.


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