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Pride House: Volunteer Applications are Open

Calling all allies and supporters: the volunteer application process has opened for Pride House at Paris 2024!

Pride House

At Paris 2024, there will be three expressions of Pride House:

  • A "central" Pride House, which will host more permanent programming including festive, cultural, sports and educational offerings will be based

  • A "mobile" Pride House, which will travel to different venues and communities throughout the Games

  • And a "digital" Pride House, available online, making the experience accessible to all fans of Paris 2024, continuing on as a legacy after the Games

The Call for Volunteers

On the Pride House France website, the call for volunteers reads:

Do you want to be a part of an incredible event and contribute to the rights of LGBTI+ individuals? Then become a volunteer at Pride House France 2024! We are looking for dynamic, committed, and open-minded volunteers to help us organize this exceptional event, which will take place throughout the summer of 2024 in Paris.

According to the Volunteer page, Pride House France volunteer applications are open to everyone, no matter where they are located. While most of the team will be located in Paris, many actions can also be carried out remotely.

Central Pride House Venue: Rosa Bonheur sur Seine. Courtesy of Archello.
Central Pride House Venue: Rosa Bonheur sur Seine. Courtesy of Archello.

Working Groups

Pride House France is looking for a diverse group of volunteers, to support in the following functional areas:

  • Project Pride House

  • Legacy

  • Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Finance & Legal

  • Institution & Partners

  • Logistics

  • Security

Volunteer Application Process

Interested volunteers are invited to apply now. There doesn't appear to be an application deadline listed on the Pride House France website.

The application process is straightforward, with a series of standard application questions. Ready to be a Pride House volunteer?

Here at House Party, we have no doubt this will be a joyful and rewarding volunteer experience at Paris 2024.

Will you be volunteering at Paris 2024?

  • 0%Yes! I wouldn't miss it.

  • 0%I'm spectating only.

Have you ever volunteered for Pride House International? Share your experience in the comments below.


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