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Welcome to House Party

Welcome. Bienvenue.

Here at House Party, we're Olympic Games superfans. And as any superfan knows, one of the very best parts of the Olympic experience is visiting Hospitality Houses in the host city.

But, in the past, we've had a tough time finding the Hospitality House info we want and need, all in one place.

At the House Party blog, you'll find the latest news about Paris 2024 Hospitality Houses and key details about every Hospitality House in one place, with a little fun thrown in the mix.

If you've got a hot tip or new information about an Olympic Hospitality House and want to share, drop us a line anytime.

Cheer. Connect. Party. See you in Paris!

With love,

tiffany and the House Party team

Are you headed to Paris 2024?

  • Yes! See you there, House Party!

  • I wish! I'll be glued to my TV.


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